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New International Project

Debating Threats to Democracy

Deepen the knowledge of 1500 youth about the EU’s core values: human rights and peace, and they better understand the effects of populism, demagoguery, etc. on those values.

Short description of the project:

Increases in extremism, populism and demagoguery strongly affect human rights, democracy and the “European Project”. This consortium raises secondary school students’ voices about these topics, because it affects their future and the peace and stability of our countries and continent. Our network of youth and debate organizations spans 15 countries enabling us to link national perspectives with transnational analyses.

This project aims for 1500 youth from 15 countries to learn about history, common values, diversity and the EU system through debate. The participants broaden their horizons by debating with youth from different EU countries, and learn to formulate opinions and solutions. We aggregate their views and share them with community members, as well as with (inter)national opinion makers in Europe. Our activity plan focuses on national debate events, but will also include two international events. Fifteen partners organise national training events, debates and competitions about similar motions. Participants are prepared for the debates by educating them about the subject and training them to debate. They learn how to analyse problems, such as the EU position on Greece and Ukraine, fear of Muslims, Jihadism, exclusion and populism and to debate solutions.

Main activities:

10-11 January 2016: partner meeting in The Netherlands

15 – 18 August 2016 First international exchange in Lithuania

10 – 13 April 2017 Second (final) international exchange in Slovakia

Project duration:

18 months, from 01/12/2015 to 31/05/2017

This project will make possible to send a delegation of 10 people to each international competitions.

Two teams of 4 debators and 2 adults ( teacher and university debator) from Finland.