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These are Past Events.

Reports and (sometimes) photographs are posted here.

If you have any additional comments or photographs, we would be happy to receive them.


06-12-2010 - Christmas Parties 2010

No pictures in Gallery


Local branches are organising their Christmas Parties.

Kuopio are hosting their traditional English Christmas Lunch at Isä Camillo on Saturday 18 December at 12.00. The price for adults is EUR 27.50 and for children EUR 13.00 plus drinks.

Any others?


30-11-2010 - FINN-BRITS Magazine Autumn 2010

No pictures in Gallery


The Autumn edition of the FINN-BRITS Magazine appears


29-11-2010 - Debating Competition semifinals 2010

No pictures in Gallery


The Debating Competition semifinals for Lukio students took place regionally between mid November and early December.


13-11-2010 - Nick Hennessey

No pictures in Gallery


He was back!  Nick Hennessey visited Finland again.  This time he visited Turku, Oulu and Jacobstad branches and also schools in Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Turku, Kouvola, Jakobstad and Oulu.


11-11-2010 - English Essay Writing Competition 2010

No pictures in Gallery


English Language Essay Writing Competition 2010 for lower sixth formers

No competition took place in 2010.

The 2009 competition was in November 2009 and the 2011 competition was in January 2011.  Ther were therefore only 15 months between the two.


25-09-2010 - Debating Skills Workshop 2010

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This is a workshop for teachers interested in preparing students for this year’s national debating competition, or for teachers who would like to learn more about debating. The course will be run in English by two native speakers with many years of experience in debating.

Whether debate is something new to you, or you’re an old hand who’d like to learn one or two new tricks, you are very welcome to join us.

The workshop takes place in week 38 on 25 September in Tampere.
Teacher: Mike Davies. Fee € 50.
For Information and registration email


18-09-2010 - Cornwall Trip meeting

No pictures in Gallery


There is a meeting in Helsinki for the people who went on the Cornwall Trip during the summer. Any of the group are welcome to attend.


18-09-2010 - James Grime's tour on ENIGMA and Codebreaking

No pictures in Gallery



Enigma machine James is visiting a number of towns with his pet ENIGMA machine.

17-09-2010 - Traditional Autumn Seminar 2010

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The seminar started on Friday, 17th September at 12.00 with a buffet lunch at the Embassy Residence hosted by the new British Ambassador, Mr Matthew Lodge

Seminar programme:

13.00 Opening words: Mr Matthew Lodge, British Ambassador

We are extremely pleased to have these speakers in Helsinki:


Dr Peter Cunningham

Homerton College,

“Learning societies and knowledge economies: Lessons for the present from the past?”

Peter is a historian and an educationist with a passionate interest in the processes of learning both in the contemporary world with its rapidly changing technologies and social relationships, and in the historical context where we can document the long emergence of literacy and the more recent historical development of mass literacy in the 'West'.

Peter has taught both in higher education (at Oxford and Cambridge) and in primary schools (in  Oxfordshire and Leicestershire), and most of his own research and publication has been about primary curriculum and pedagogy in the twentieth century.


Professor Mary Ratcliffe

Associate Director
National Science Learning Centre.

“Motivating teachers, motivating learners - in science.”

Mary’s research and development interests focus on effective teaching and assessment practice, particularly that related to scientific literacy.  Research projects have included evaluations of: Twenty First Century Science GCSE, innovative professional development and assessment of ‘ideas-about-science’. She was part of the ESRC-funded Evidence-based Practice in Science Education network (with colleagues from the universities of York, Leeds and King's College, London). Mary has published very widely for national and international audiences, including many research publications, textbooks and curriculum materials.

Coffee break


Head of MFL, TrinitySchool,
Belvedere, UK:

“The Trinity Spirit”


Enigma Project Officer,
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
University of Cambridge

“Enigma and the Secret World of Codebreaking.”

James Grime is a lecturer and public speaker on the topics of pure mathematics, particularly group theory and cryptography. In Helsinki James has promised to reveal us the secrets of code breaking and the Enigma machine.

16.50 Seminar Ended



21-08-2010 - Federation Board Meeting

No pictures in Gallery


The Federation Board Meeting will take place in the offices in Helsinki at 2.00pm on Saturday 21 August.enlightened

JUNE 2010

07-06-2010 - FINN-BRIT Trip to Cornwall - 7 to 14 June

No pictures in Gallery


Here is the itinerary for the week:

The main responsibility for the arrangements of this package tour is with our Travel Agency  in London, GUILD TRAVEL.
Our expert guide in Cornwall will be Vic Wallis
We will have our own private bus. Stops on our way in Bath and Stonehedge

The rate for the whole tour which is estimated at GBP 950, includes the following

  -  Flights: Helsinki - London (Heathrow) - Helsinki
  -  1 night in Bristol
  -  5 nights in St Austell
  -  1 night in Salisbury
  -  Coach service for 8 days
  -  Drivers accommodation in Bristol and Salisbury
  -  Breakfast 7 times

There are still a few vacancies. Please contact Henrik Ramsay soonest if you want to join and have further info on the programme.


Henrik Ramsay         Marja Salo
050-585 5591            050 560 48 77

APRIL 2010

19-04-2010 - Nick Hennessey - More stories and music

No pictures in Gallery


Nick Hennessey will be visiting several societies in April.  For those who don't know him, check out his website


17-04-2010 - Annual General Meeting 2010

No pictures in Gallery


The AGM of the Federation will be held in Hämeenlinna on 17th April 2010.


Suomalais-brittiläisten yhdistysten keskusjärjestö ry:n 31. vuosikokous pidetaan Hämeenlinnassa, lauantaina 17. huhtikuuta 2010 klo 16.00 Hotelli Rantasipi Aulangolla .


Yhdistyksen sääntöjen 10. §:ssä mainitut asiat:

  1. Todetaan kokouksen laillisuus
  2. Valitaan kokoukselle puheenjohtaja ja sihteeri
  3. Valitaan kaksi pöytakirjan tarkastajaa ja ääntenlaskijaa
  4. Käsitellään toiminta-ja tilikertomus sekä tilintarkastajien lausunto
  5. Päätetään toimintakertomuksen hyväksymisestä, tilinpäätöksen vahvistamisesta ja johtokunnan vastuuvapaudesta
  6. Vahvistetaan seuraavan vuoden toimintasuunnitelma ja talousarvio sekä määrätään jäsenmaksun suuruus
  7. Valitaan johtokunnan puheenjohtaja ja muut johtokllnnan jäsenet
  8. Valitaan kaksi tilintarkastajaa ja kaksi varatilintarkastajaa
  9. Käsitellään muut kokouskutsussa mainitut ja johtokunnan esittämät asiat.

Helsingissa, 03.03.2010


VUOSIKOKOUSOHJELMA 17. - 18. huhtikuuta 2010

Lauantai 17.04.2010

    14.00   Johtokunnan kokous
    15.30   Kahvi- / tee & viineritarjoilu vuosikokouksen osanottajille
    16.00   Keskusjärjeston vuosikokous 2010
    17.00   Alkudrinkki ja seurustelua
    17.30   IIlallinen seisovasta pöydästä (á 26/-)
    19.30   The Bitter Berry: the Story of Kullervo, Son of Kalervo" by Nick Hennessey
 n. 20.30 / 21.00 IIta päättyy

Sunnuntai 18_ huhtikuuta:

Retki Stone Gallery Lunnikivelle

    09.45   Bussikuljetus hotellivieraille ja "autottomille" Hotelli Aulangon edestä.  Myös omat autot ja kimppakyydit
    10.00   Saapuminen Stone Gallery Lunnikivi
Ohjelma: vapaa tutustuminen kivi- ja perhosnäyttelyyn luento: paikan historia, kivet ja mineraalit kahvi ja kahvipulla, mahdollisuus ostoksien tekoon
n. 11.30   Retki päättyy

Majoittuminen: Hotelli Rantasipi Aulanko, Hämeenlinna
Finn-Briteille varattu huoneita erikoishinnalla: 2 hh (140,-) seka 1 hh (105,-)

Varaukset 30.3.2010 mennessä: illallinen, majoitus, sunnuntaiaamun retki (yhteiskuljetus vai oma auto), Hämeenlinnan yhdistys, Anneli Oinonen, mielellään spostitse tai puh 050 52 55 838


07-04-2010 - FINN-BRITS Magazine Spring 2010

No pictures in Gallery


The Spring edition of the FINN-BRITS Magazine appeared in April


21-01-2010 - National Debating Competition Final 2009/2010

picture gallery


The final of the English debate competition for nationwide Lukio students was held at the British Embassy in Helsinki on 21 January 2010.

Winners - Kouvola
School: Kouvolan Lyseon lukio
Students: Emmi Filppu and Idamaria Lehtinen.
Teachers: Terhi Manelius  &  Marja-Liisa Villikka

Second Place - Tampere
School: TYK
Students: Arttu Laitinen and Kristian Hyvärinen
Teacher: Kristiina Leskinen

Third Place - Helsinki
School: The English School
Students: Meeri Klemola and Mia Arola
Teacher: Elisabeth Clement

Individual Best Speaker: Kristian Hyvärinen

Eight teams of two students competed in the final. The topics that the teams drew from were:

  1. This house believes that religion should no longer be taught in Finnish schools.
  2. This house would ban its citizens from emigrating.
  3. This house believes that cultural treasures should be returned to the country of origin.
  4. This house would grant university graduates extra votes in elections.
  5. This house would rent out areas of Finnish wilderness to store foreign nuclear waste.
  6. This house would stop sending Finnish peacekeepers outside the EU.

Jury members were:

Marja Salo (Federation of Finnish-British Societies),
Rich Penny (Debating Society, University of Helsinki),
Anna Bessonova (Debating society member),
Was chaired by Tuula Penttilä,
Timekeeper was Julia Toivanen,
and the General Coordinator was Mikael Davies.

The first prize is a four day trip to London for the winning debaters and their teacher.