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English Essay Writing Competition 2015

Something didn’t seem quite the same…

That was indeed the first thing to pop in my mind that morning. I wasn’t yet sure why I felt that way, but after looking down, I decided that my apparent lack of arms might have something to do with the strange feeling. I was quickly distracted though, when I noticed that my torso had been replaced with a bulky, hairy dark ball.

While I was starting to panic a bit, I still attempted to move my other pair of limbs (known as legs). I was slightly surprised when instead of seeing what I had expected, (two human legs) I saw eight tendril-like things swinging in the air. After a brief struggle I managed to roll over, and felt the floor at the tips of my sharp, spiky feet. After a few wobbly step, (more like a dozen, considering the amount of legs I had)

I tried speaking, since my family might be interested in my new arachnoid form. Instead of speech, which I was expecting to hear, my new pincer-like mouth merely produced silent clicking, Disappointed by the fact that I was trapped in my room, (come to think of it, the room seemed to be a hundred times bigger, or maybe I was just smaller). I tried my awesome wall-climbing skills out. It was pretty cool, actually. I could weave web, walk on the ceiling, do all kinds of sweet spider stuff. I knew it was worth wishing when I blew my bithday cake candles!

Suddenly the door was opened by my mother. I ran towards her to show myself, but she squashed me with her feet.

I swear, Kafka did this much better.

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