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MARCH 2012

English Essay Writing Competition 2012

The Federation of Finnish-British Societies’ annual English Essay Writing Competition for lower sixth formers was held for the twenty-eighth time on 19 January, and 14 March 2012. The essay titles on these two dates were posted on the Helsinki Finnish-British Society website for download on the competition day. Teachers then sent in the best essay from each class, and in all sixty essays were received from a total of twenty-two schools.
The jury was composed of five judges, including representatives from the Helsinki Finnish-British Society, the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board, and the University of Helsinki Department of Modern Languages (English Philology) Department. The judges gave first prize to Emma Davies from Tampereen lyseon lukio for her lively, well-crafted and personal essay on happiness. The judges also wished to specially commend John Mäkelä for his sophisticated and well-informed essay on television.
The standard of essays was as usual high, and the judges would like to congratulate the runners-up and thank all those who took part in the competition.

Chair, Essay Writing Competition
Mark Shackleton

19 January

  1. “I'm two people – a happy-go-lucky summer person and a closed up winter introvert.” Are you the same?
  2. “There are some things I just love.” Write about one or two things that make you happy. Say why you feel the way you do.
  3. Love is overrated – do you agree?
  4. Television is dead – the computer lives! Do you agree?
  5. Write a short story beginning “There wasn’t much we could really do about it...”

14 March

  1. What things make you happy? Say why they do.
  2. How important is food in your life?
  3. Write a short story beginning “When I woke up I felt something had changed...”
  4. What kind of person do you think you will be 10 years from now?
  5. Who or what has had an important influence in your life?

Runners-up prizes (an English dictionary):
(in alphabetical order)
Mira Hiltunen, Kallaveden lukio, Topic no. 3 (March).
Jonatan Kanervo, Kouvolan lyseon lukio, Topic no. 3 (March).
Anu Kirjonen, Padasjoen lukio, Topic no. 2 (March).
Anna Kylkilahti, Tampereen lyseon lukio, Topic no. 1 (March).
Oona Ojala, Lahden lyseon lukio, Topic no. 3 (March).
Roope Ristola, Siilinjärven lukio, Topic no. 1 (March).
Sanna Roivainen, Kallaveden lukio, Topic no. 5 (March).
Tatu Taivainen, Rauman lukio, Topic no. 5 (January).
Ronja Väistö, Töölön yhteiskoulun lukio, Topic no. 2 (March).