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English Essay Writing Competition 2008

The Federation of Finnish-British Societies annual English Essay Writing Competition was held for the 25th time on the 5th and 6th of November, 2008. An invitation was sent out to the first class of all sixth forms (“lukios”) in Finland. Teachers then sent in the best essay from each class, and in all 168 essays were received from a total of 62 schools. 
The jury was composed of five judges, including representatives from the Helsinki Finnish-British Society, the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board, and the University of Helsinki Department of English. They were unanimous in giving first prize to Jaan Esken from Tampereen klassillinen lukio for his witty and original essay on the subject of “Are holidays really fun?” The standard of essays was as usual, high, and the judges would like to congratulate the nine runners-up and thank all those who took part in the competition.

Mark Shackleton, Chair, Essay Writing Competition.

Essay topics:

  1. Write a story beginning with the words “What on earth did it mean?...”
  2. What will happen when petrol runs out?
  3. Write a letter to your mother/father/parents and either thank them for the way they have brought you up or criticize the way they have raised you.
  4. Do girls and boys come from the same planet?
  5. My home is my castle or is it?
  6. Are holidays really fun?
First prize, a trip to England:    
Jaan Esken Tampereen klassillinen lukio Topic no 6.
Runners-up prize, an English dictionary:
(in alphabetical order)
Lassi Heikkinen Ressun lukio Topic no. 2.
Sanni Lyytikäinen Mikkelin yhteiskoulu lukio Topic no. 4.
Johannes Malkamäki Tampereen yhteiskoulu lukio Topic no. 2.
Johanna Rehn Ekenäs gymnasium Topic no. 4.
Saana Rossi Ressun lukio Topic no. 1.
Hanna Sarsa Viikin normaalikoulu Topic no. 1.
Lauri Teivonen Kallion lukio Topic no. 4.
Aksu Tervonen Mikkelin yhteiskoulu lukio Topic no. 5.
Maria Tuomela Kallion lukio Topic no. 4.