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Traditional Autumn Seminar 2007

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"Reading the Media"

The seminar was held on Friday, 28th September at 12.00 with a buffet lunch at the Embassy Residence by invitation of HM Ambassador Dr Valerie Caton, hosted by Mr Brian Olley

Seminar at the Conference Room:

 Brian Olley  13.15 Opening words: Mr Brian Olley, Head of Political and Public Affairs
 Eija Ventola  13.30 Web identities of institutions and individuals – marketing and the role of linguistics and multisemiotics,
Professor Eija Ventola, Department of English, University of Helsinki
 Anna Solin  14.15 Thousands dying? Risk news in the British media,
Dr Anna Solin, Lecturer, English Department, University of Tampere
   15.00 Coffee / tea break
 Donal Carbaugh  

15.45 The Media in Cross-Cultural Perspective,
Professor Donal Carbaugh, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Department of Communication
Currently: Fulbright-Bicentennial Chair in American Studies, University of Helsinki, Renvall Institute

   16.30 Summing up - questions from the floor

The speakers were introduced by Professor Andrew Chesterman and Dr Mark Shackleton