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National Debating Competition Final 2009/2010

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The final of the English debate competition for nationwide High School students was held at the British Embassy in Helsinki on 21 January 2010.

Winners - Kouvola
School: Kouvolan Lyseon lukio
Students: Emmi Filppu and Idamaria Lehtinen.
Teachers: Terhi Manelius  &  Marja-Liisa Villikka

Second Place - Tampere
School: TYK
Students: Arttu Laitinen and Kristian Hyvärinen
Teacher: Kristiina Leskinen

Third Place - Helsinki
School: The English School
Students: Meeri Klemola and Mia Arola
Teacher: Elisabeth Clement

Individual Best Speaker: Kristian Hyvärinen

Eight teams of two students competed in the final. The topics that the teams drew from were:

  1. This house believes that religion should no longer be taught in Finnish schools.
  2. This house would ban its citizens from emigrating.
  3. This house believes that cultural treasures should be returned to the country of origin.
  4. This house would grant university graduates extra votes in elections.
  5. This house would rent out areas of Finnish wilderness to store foreign nuclear waste.
  6. This house would stop sending Finnish peacekeepers outside the EU.

Jury members were:

Marja Salo (Federation of Finnish-British Societies),
Rich Penny (Debating Society, University of Helsinki),
Anna Bessonova (Debating society member),
Was chaired by Tuula Penttilä,
Timekeeper was Julia Toivanen,
and the General Coordinator was Mikael Davies.

The first prize is a four day trip to London for the winning debaters and their teacher.