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National Debating Competition Final 2008/2009

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The Debating Competition 2008/2009 Final was held at the British Embassy on 23rd January, 2009. There were 6 teams from schools around Finland as winners of their regional competitions held at the end of 2008.

The teams this year were:

Helsinki, Ressun lukio Sini Häärä Alf Parvi

Turku, Turun normaalikoulu Suvi Sillanpää, Betti Valmari

Tampere, Lyseon lukio Anna-Kaisa Köykkä Kristine Alanko

Kuopio, Kuopio Musiikkilukio Ms Piia Rytkönen Ms Juuli Vaulasvirta

Pori, Porin Lyseon lukio Samuli Rimpiläinen Tuukka Virtanen

Kouvula, Kouvolan Lyseon lukio Niina Virtanen Marjo Hienonen

The topics for 2009 were as follows:

  1. This house believes that compulsory military service should be ended in Finland.
  2. This house believes that celebrities have a right to privacy from the media.
  3. This house would make smokers pay for the treatment of diseases they suffer that are caused by smoking.
  4. This house would punish parents for the crimes of their children.
  5. This house believes that to be born in Finland is to win the lottery of life.
  6. This house would allow living people to sell their organs.

The standard of debating was very high again and all teams performed very well, so the judges had a tough time selecting the winners.

This year the winning team came from Kouvolan Lyseon lukio: Niina Virtanen and Marjo Hienonen.

Competition Winners

The second prize went to Turun normaalikoulu: Suvi Sillanpää and Betti Valmari.

Second Prize

and the third prize to Ressun lukio: Sini Häärä and Alf Parvi.

Third Prize

Alf Parvi was also awarded a prize for best individual performance in the competition.

The jury members were:

Keith Malin from the British Embassy, Marja Salo from the Federation of Finnish-British Societies, Kati Venemies from the Association of English Teachers in Finland and Rich Penny from the Helsinki University Debate Society.

2009 Judges