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National Debating Competition Final 2007/2008

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The Federation of Finnish-British Societies arranged the Final of the English Debating competition for upper secondary school students at the British Embassy on Friday, the 18th of January 2008.

Alajärven lukio:
Justus Kareno
Juha-Matti Paavola
Iisalmen lukio:
Tuomas Paulin
Riina Repo
Kouvolan lyseon lukio:
Marjo Hienonen
Hanna-Mari Rämä
Kuopion Musiikkilukio:
Tuomas Tajakka
Antti Hyartt
Oulun Suomalaisen yhteiskoulun lukio:
Liisa Lauri
Anni Alasuutari
Tampereen Steiner koulu:
Kasmir Jolma
Nanny Hernberg
Turun normaalikoulu:
Sanna Parikka
Antti Laine


  1. This House Would Drastically Increase the Price of Flights, to Protect the Environment.
  2. This House Would Outlaw Any Speech Which Intentionally Insults People’s Religious Beliefs.
  3. This House Believes that the EU Should Become one Country - a “United States of Europe”.
  4. This House Believes that GM Food Will Save the World from Starvation.
  5. This House Would Authorise the Use of Torture in Cases where Finland is under Attack.
  6. This House Would Allow Parents to Choose Half of the Courses that Students Take for their Matriculation Exams.

The winners of the 2008 competition were Sanna Parikka and Antti Laine from Turun normaalikoulu and the second prize was shared by the teams from Alajärven lukio and Pohjois-Tapiolan lukio.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all for a good competition!