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In Memoriam: Veikko and Liisa Yrjölä

The English Club of Oulu lost two of its honoured members at the beginning of spring 2014. Veikko died on February 24th, and Liisa on March 18th. Both were truly active and supportive members. Liisa was very important to us, having been both a club member and a board member for decades.

For her, the English Club was extremely important, and since she attended the annual meetings and seminars almost every year, she was well-known in the whole Finn-Brit Federation too. She had her heart in our activities and kept us informed about our traditions. Her sunny and warm personality will always be in our  memory.

Veikko or “Vee” worked for years as our treasurer, taking care of the club´s finances very well. At every board meeting we got a report and knew how to manage to keep the accounts in order. He took care of his duties with the utmost care. Vee had a witty humor and gentlemanly manners, which especially we ladies enjoyed very much. He once said that he would be our treasurer as long as he could tell which end of the pencil to write with.

Oulu club members feel a great sense of loss, and share the sorrow of Liisa and Veikko’s family and friends.

“Silently we grieve
And brush away our tears
The memories they left behind
Will last throughout the years.”

Anna-Liisa Hirvenoja, Ulla Ruotsi-Mattson and the ECO board